Now offering a 90-Day Free Trial of any of the 10 TORC modules

1. Drilling

2. Completions

3. SCVF/GM – Surface Casing Vent Flow/Gas Migration

4. Well Testing

5. Suspension

6. Packer Isolation Testing & Repairs

7. Abandonment

8. Downhole Work

9. Field Inspection Response Management

10. Asset & Inventory Management

TORC is an intuitive Web based operations management platform that provides a 360-degree view of your well activities incorporating business & workflow automation, task assignment, monitoring, and reporting functions. TORC helps address well integrity, environmental, regulatory, and risk management issues for the oil and gas industry.


TORC’s has 10 modules that will improve your wellsite operations by ensuring seamless data capture, dataflow, and data accessibility from anywhere. TORC helps drive down costs and eliminates delays in getting information to those who need it most, while achieving operational efficiencies and timely regulatory compliance, and reporting. TORC reduces manual data entries & tasks, inconsistent data, and expensive delays from the use of spreadsheets, PDF docs, legacy siloes, and knowledge retained in individuals’ memory.


This promotion is a great way to try a few of the modules and see what a difference they can make in your organization.

TORC - Resource Energy Solutions

Some conditions apply. Offer valid until September 30, 2020 for Alberta operators only.

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    Organize, plan, execute, report, inspect and make informed decisions
    Manage all critical well operations from any location
    One common regulatory reporting solutions for all operators
    High quality data to provide more cost effective, enhanced solutions with better outcomes
    Improved incident prevention and reporting
    Well life cycle risk management
    One solution to report to all regulators world wide
    Focus on underperforming assets
    Prioritize activities on critical tasks
    Improved strategic planning and execution
    Faster approvals of work activities by the regulator
    Increased optics to buyers and sellers of your assets
    Efficiently track inventory equipment
    Evaluate noncompliance trends, and identify opportunities for improvement
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