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RES Partners

For over 18 years, Wellman has gained the reputation from field and office users as being the most user-friendly, time-efficient, and cost-effective well reporting and data management software solution in the oil and gas industry.

Geo Webworks

Geo Webworks strives to provide you with easy-to-use Web-based software to access the most comprehensive petroleum data available. They work with you to offer expertise in Internet solutions to allow you to maximize the value of the data. Geo Webworks Inc. is a Canadian company founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2000.

geoLOGIC systems

geoLOGIC systems develop software to put publicly sourced data into a usable format to aid in exploring for oil and gas. The company provides training, education, and technical support.

Stream-Flo Industries Ltd

Stream-Flo is a solid Canadian business with a history of steady and continuous growth. With roots in western Canada, Stream-Flo has developed an international customer base through its commitment to integrity and quality control. Engineering and product development are vital to its success as a global supplier. Its research and development group represent the most current technology and some of the most innovative design engineers in the field.

C-mach Technologies Inc is the premiere well schematic drawing program for the oil & gas industry. It is the most complete, corporate-wide, downhole schematic drawing solution available on the market today. Designed with engineers, salespeople, field operators, and office staff in mind, is the total drawing solution for your entire company. Whether for proposals or well records, enables everyone involved in well schematics to be on the same page.

Genesis Petroleum Technologies

Genesis Petroleum Technologies (GPT) currently provides the global oil and gas industry with “Business Intelligence” software solutions to optimize well drilling and completion processes. These process improvements inevitably lead to reduced well construction time and costs, leading to achieving a quicker production status.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Certified Partners possess a high degree of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and may demonstrate their proficiency in one or more Microsoft Competencies. At this level you will receive, at a minimum, telephone-based account engagement, which gives you the opportunity to build a closer relationship with Microsoft. You can access a rich set of benefits that can help you gain an advantage in the marketplace.

Amazon AWS Partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) play a vital role in the ecosystem of cloud computing, serving as the backbone for businesses navigating the digital landscape. Through collaboration with AWS, you gain access to cutting-edge tools, training, and resources, enabling you to architect, deploy, and manage scalable cloud solutions efficiently. Whether it’s optimizing operations, enhancing security, or driving growth, AWS partners serve as trusted advisors, guiding organizations on their journey to harness the power of the cloud effectively. Their expertise and commitment to excellence empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

As one of Canada’s leading polytechnics, SAIT Polytechnic provides relevant, skill-oriented education to more than 71,000 registrants each year. About 1,000 business and industry partners help shape curriculum by serving on more than 65 advisory committees, and SAIT is known as a trailblazer in applied research and innovation. SAIT was the first publicly-funded institute of its kind in the country, and 96 years later, it is well on its way to becoming Canada’s premier polytechnic.

At SAIT the MacPhail School of Energy (MSE) is the first school of energy in Canada and one of only a handful of energy schools in North America. Making use of highly advanced training equipment, its world-class instructors teach students the ins and outs of the energy industry, and prepare them to jump into (or back into) the job market immediately upon completion of their program.

Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College, nestled in the heart of Calgary, stands as a beacon of educational excellence and community empowerment. With its diverse array of programs spanning from business and healthcare to technology and creative arts, the college caters to the multifaceted ambitions of its students. Its state-of-the-art facilities and innovative teaching methods foster an environment where learning transcends the boundaries of traditional academia, nurturing critical thinking and practical skills essential for success in today’s dynamic workforce. Beyond academics, Bow Valley College serves as a melting pot of cultures, where students from all walks of life converge to exchange ideas and experiences, enriching not only their own educational journey but also contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the Calgary community.


Oliasoft’s software solutions enable oil and gas companies to perform effective well planning for advanced offshore wells and onshore wells. Oliasoft provides powerful cloud based simulations. Oliasoft was voted “most promising startup in the oil industry” by 140 investors and oil companies at OTC 2019.


Eraze Software Solutions has been working as technology partner for 25 years. Over the years, it has grown into an International operating, full-service software design- and development company. With experience in different Enterprise and SME companies, the team has the ability to quickly gain a thorough understanding of the clients business. Eraze has a reputation based on a deep technical knowledge on a broad range of technologies and tools.

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