EWCAT: Well Control Assurance Tool

eWCAT is a web-based software application that helps you plan, manage and execute well control operations ensuring the safety of your people and the environment.
During the producing and abandonment lifecycles Operators need to know their wells are safe. Are well pressures within operating envelopes, have they been properly maintained, which wells require corrective maintenance? To answer these and other questions and have a clear, real-time view of all producing wells, requires a risk based, systematic approach.


eWCAT provides multiple levels of reporting for different user bases.

Work Unit View

The Work Unit View is where data is entered about planned well control
operations, what equipment configurations will be used, which personnel are involved, and what well control test scheduling and deviation management plans are preferred.

Manager View

The Manager View provides a focused risk and performance overview of different work units across time.

Dashboard View

The Dashboard View provides trends and performance ratings across the whole organization.

eWCAT checks the information against multiple compliance rules and identifies and highlights risks to your operations.


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