Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas sector is defined by massive capital projects. From pipelines to processing, virtually every aspect of the energy industry requires the construction and management of infrastructure on a scale far beyond most other markets. This means managing the complexity of operations, cost, compliance and risk associated with them can be exceptionally challenging.


Fortunately, Resource Energy Solutions provides a suite of software solutions designed to make controlling these facets much easier and more efficient. Our platforms for oil and gas management utilize real-time data and include cloud-based access as well as seamless integration with existing systems. Among the many benefits your operations can experience through the use of our products include:


  • Modernizing your business
  • Streamlining processes
  • Reducing risks
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving efficiency



Our Full Range of Offerings

We bring the most advanced software platforms used for oil and gas exploration, and management. Our core products include:


  • Wellman NextGen: This is the top well lifecycle project, cost and data management application in the industry today. With data synced between your central office and field users, and customized reporting, you have a complete picture of all aspects of one’s projects. From geology all the way through to abandonment and site reclamation, it allows you to oversee every aspect of a project with total accuracy.


  • TORC: Our operational risk management solution provides a 360-degree view of all well operations. It allows you to monitor multiple wells through a single interactive interface that combines data from all sources.


  • AFE Manager: This provides you with complete capital project controls to manage development costs for state-owned assets developed and operated by domestic or foreign companies.


  • Midstream Manager: Tracking well performance and planning from start to finish, this solution enables you to monitor, control and report all field and office costs, and activities.



Trust RES for Software Solutions

No one else has as much to offer the energy sector as we do. Our platforms are built to provide you with total control of your assets while staying on top of one’s obligations throughout the entire lifecycle of your facilities. To learn more or to request a demo, get in touch with us today.