Here is what our clients are saying.

Head Office

“SHARP Environmental has been using Wellman for over a year. Our field staff find it easy to navigate and really like the dashboard where they can have an “at a glance” look at all their projects that are in motion and spend vs AFE. RES has been amazing at customizing the database to meet our needs as they differ from a regular company. Their support team is excellent. They answer our questions and resolve our issues promptly. This database has many terrific features such as mapping, the dashboard, all the filter options when searching for information and reporting options. We are very happy with RES and Wellman.”
Laurie Verbicky

Sharp Environmental

“Resource Energy Solutions (RES) will display its leading-edge, project and cost-management software at Petrotech – 2014, 11th International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition in Greater Noida, India from January 12th – 15th, 2014. Resource Energy Solutions will be located in the Government of Alberta.”
Patrick Keck

VP Operations

“With the AFE Manager, we will be able to gradually speed up the workflow and interaction with all oil and gas Contractors. The acceleration in the AFE process of submission, evaluation, and approval is expected to speed up the implementation of upstream oil and gas project and in the end, it will contribute to the increase of oil and gas production”
Amien Sunaryadi

SKK Migas Chairman

“RES’s hosted web based application provision eliminates the need for IT infrastructure and support. Having the ability to access all information and work from anywhere at any time via the web is a great benefit.”
Terry Stychyshyn

Stychco Inc. Petroleum Consultants

Field Users

“Wellman is a great program, it’s easy to use, saves me a lot of time, and I’ve never had a problem when using it.”
Greg Beckwith

Drilling Supervisor

“With Wellman all my morning reports are done in 20 minutes, other programs require 4 to 5 hours.”
Bill Belcourt

Pajak Engineering

“I can’t believe I got a support person at 5 am. All I needed was a well sent to me. It could have waited. It is nice to work with a company that puts the customer first….”

Field User

“One of the most user friendly systems I have ever used. I prefer this over any other program that I’ve seen. They provide the best service I have ever had….”
Brian Neigum

Petroleum Consultant

“I like the government reporting online, this saves me significant time and effort in sending in my reports. The support team is always available, friendly professional and very knowledgeable. “

Engineering Tech

“I think Wellman is more user friendly than any other well data program I’ve used.”
Ron Bates

Field User

“RES has not only met, but exceeded our expectations. The main benefits that Wellman offers are a central repository of well data, various filter and search functionalities, instant access to well information, a reduction in admin support time, and improved electronic document retention.”
Brad Malley

Drilling & Completions Manager

“We bought this software to eliminate duplication, improve communication, and add efficiency to our organization and we got more than we bargained for. “
Randy Rousson

Benchmark Engineering

“The system is easier to learn then Wellview.  I was able to get up and running within a few days compared to the weeks with Wellview.”
Lawrence Gutek

Field User

“I prefer using Wellman over everything else I’ve used and I’ve used a lot of programs including Wellview.”
Terry Curley

West Lake Energy