Software Support

Here’s why providing the best support is so important and what it means to us.

What does client service and support mean?

Providing exemplary client service is a key part of our company’s business strategy. Client service is important to most businesses, but truly focusing on clients’ needs and experiences means going that extra mile to ensure satisfaction. That satisfaction translates to success for our clients – minimizing downtime through quick resolution.

What does client service focus mean at RES?

It means that you will be treated with courtesy and respect, as well as empathy, understanding, and patience. We focus on consistently communicating to all clients that they are valued, and that their satisfaction is important to us.

Guaranteed Response Time

We will respond to your needs within one hour.

Consistent Follow-ups

We follow up by calling back to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our products.

Prompt Resolution

If any problems arise, they are promptly resolved.

Client Success

We follow up by calling back to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our products.

24/7 Support

We are available to resolve problems 24 hours a day. If your issue is not training-related (see specific times), please call and we will do our best to return you to your work as quickly as possible.

Additional support for Field workers

We can employ a remote support tool to demonstrate “how to” execute a particular task for our field clients who would benefit from being able to watch while they learn.

Available 7 Days a Week

How do we understand and approach our clients’ satisfaction?

The first step to providing excellent service lies in understanding what the client needs. This requires active listening. Active listening may involve taking notes or asking questions to clarify our understanding of our clients’ needs. This process of asking questions and clarifying also helps to identify needs that clients may not even know they have.


Once our client’s need is clear, it’s time to meet that need. This could take the form of taking action on the issue, providing education, or helping the client understand what they need to do next. Exploring all possible alternatives, before suggesting the most appropriate one, is essential to providing exceptional client service.


At RES we strive to provide a live voice response to every call. If we cannot get to your call because we are helping another client, we will call you back within the hour.

Many of our clients have remote site workers who need to get up and running quickly. We are proud to provide telephone-based training specifically for the field. We can also schedule a remote site visit to facilitate on-site training.

Please call our support line @ 403-209-1000 to inquire.

Keeping Track

We use a comprehensive help desk tool called a CRM to enter tickets on behalf of our clients to ensure that we are monitoring and resolving all outstanding issues to meet our overall client service targets.

Our support team has a genuine desire to understand the problem and resolve it to our clients’ satisfaction as quickly as possible.