AFE Manager

AFE Manager provides capital project controls for oil and gas regulators to manage development costs for state-owned assets, developed and operated by domestic or foreign companies.

AFE Manager Oil & Gas Edition

Detailed creation, by line-item, of budgets either by using built-in templates or customized to the user’s GL accounting system. Resource Energy Solutions’ AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) Manager and capital tracking software allows for increased efficiency, control, and accountability. AFE Manager provides robust internal controls over capital spending. Our oil and gas AFE software uses the Public Petroleum Data Model with N-Tier open architecture and is built on the Wellman.NET framework.

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Ability to handle multiple projects

Ability to integrate data and functionality into the company's accounting system

Compare budgeted to field-cost estimates to actual costs

Create Authorization for Expenditure effortlessly by using pre-designed templates

Adaptable to any company process

Create digital signatures

User-security, add employee spending limits and a digital audit trail of approvals

Route electronically to reviewers and approvers

Change tracking / audit trail - compliance and database change monitoring

Import contracts and agreements from the land registry system

Manage non-operated AFEs

Manage document storage easily in the AFE planning database or link to documents from your network

Complete document management; all related documents can be stored in one place for quicker access from the office network

A comprehensive audit trail for each entry into the system aids in the compliance requirements under Sarbanes-Oxley for Canada and the United States

Improved overall control over operations
Improved decision making maintained through real-time daily reporting
Protection against unauthorized spending and mitigation of cost overruns with built-in security and preset user rights
Superior AFE reporting solutions – generate standard and customized reports including accruals, variance, summaries and more
Comprehensive reports for comparative analysis
Quickly identify spending variances and identify the source of bottlenecks
Get data into the hands of those who manage operations
Manage costs while saving time and money

AFE Manager Regulator Edition

AFE Manager Regulator’s Edition oil and gas project management software provides capital project controls for oil and gas regulators to manage development costs for state-owned assets, developed and operated by domestic or foreign companies.

AFE capital tracking

Increased efficiency and accountability

Streamlined workflows

Aids in corporate governance

Role-based security and workflow

Visibility and control over capital spending

Quickly identify spending variances

Complete audit trail

Interface makes it easy to view and make use of relevant data

Comprehensive reporting

Easily find and overcome bottlenecks

Manage both operations and financials

Manage costs to save time and money

Avoid errors and miscalculations

All domestic and foreign companies can automatically report project budgets to the regulator for review and approval through this oil and gas reporting software.
Comply with requirements for cost recovery for profit and production sharing.
Tracking and managing both domestic and foreign company’s capital investment.
Report actual costs to the regulator periodically as project works progresses through this oil and gas ERP software.
Identify and manage project cost overruns, within the rules set forth by the regulator, in conjunction with participating companies.
Ensure a fair and open process where all companies final costs are accounted for and the state’s share is clear.
Account for physical assets used by companies for which title may ultimately pass to the state.
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