Resource Energy Solutions & Enerplus Come Out On Top In A Study Done By Ziff Energy Group

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Resource Energy Solutions & Enerplus come out on top in a study done by Ziff Energy Group.

The study is focused initially on time and costs for both drilling and completions for gas wells only in BC, Alberta and southwest Saskatchewan. Best practices were benchmarked against the submissions of the participating companies.

The purpose of the study is to mirror the results of a similar study done in the United States.

The study included Enerplus, BG Group, Petro-Canada, Burlington, Apache, and PennWest, and focused on time and costs for both drilling and completions using their well-reporting solution.

According to the Ziff Study, Enerplus had the cleanest data, best drilling and completions records, operational processes and most efficient time and costs.

‘Enerplus was the Best-in-Class Driller in the study and the comment was made by Ziff that Enerplus had the cleanest data in the study. I attribute this to the usability of the software and the diligence of ensuring the data is correct by the Superintendents.’


Brad Malley, Manager
Enerplus Drilling and Completions Manager

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