RES Wellman And AFE Scholarship And Bursary

Calgary, Alberta: Resource Energy Solutions (RES) is pleased to confirm that it has selected the winners of the Resource Energy Solutions Wellman Scholarship and Bursary program. Congratulations to the students of SAIT’s MacPhail School of Energy, Energy Asset Management Program who were awarded the Resource Energy Solutions Wellman Scholarship and Bursary! The criteria for both awards is based on a combination of financial need, academic achievement, apptitude and enthusiasm.

Resource Energy Solutions donated its Wellman and AFE Manager software to SAIT Polytechnic in 2012. The aim was to help students learn the business side of the oil and gas industry. Students enrolled in the Energy Asset Management (EAM) Program at the MacPhail School of Energy are presently using Wellman and AFE Manager well and asset life cycle data-management software in their courses.

Wellman is a Well Life Cycle system that monitors and controls all in-field daily costs and activities throughout the well life cycle, including construction, drilling, completion, facilities, pipeline, abandonment, and reclamation. AFE Manager is a comprehensive capital and operational asset-tracking workflow system. It orchestrates the whole planning, administering, reviewing, approving, budgeting, and tracking process, and provides cost management efficiencies and accountability during the entire financial life cycle. Both products are also available through RES’ cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) license.

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