RES opens first office in New Delhi

Resource Energy Solutions, a globally renowned software developer headquartered in Calgary, Canada, is pleased to announce the opening of our first Asia office in New Delhi. This strategic move marks the beginning of our expansion throughout Asia in the coming years. Our objective is to enhance transparency amongst Energy and Environmental Regulators in Asia through software solutions such as Wellman.

At Resource Energy Solutions, we specialize in providing compelling solutions for the energy sector, with a strong focus on the oil and gas markets. With the launch of our Asian operations, we are thrilled to bring our expertise and industry-leading software to this dynamic region. Our primary goal is to establish partnerships with esteemed organizations in the energy sector, specifically in oil and gas, and offer them our flagship product, Wellman Next Gen.

As a company, Resource Energy Solutions (RES) is known for its unwavering commitment to sustainable development and providing cost-effective solutions. With this in mind, our cutting-edge software, Wellman Next Gen, is designed to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and drive substantial cost savings for our clients in the Asian market.

By collaborating with local organizations, we firmly believe that we can contribute to the sustainable growth of the energy sector in Asia. We are dedicated to empowering operators and regulators alike, helping them thrive in a dynamic and competitive environment. Our objective is to foster transparency and streamline processes, ultimately facilitating the responsible and efficient management of energy and environmental regulations.

With a strong track record and a dedication to providing top-notch solutions, Resource Energy Solutions is poised to make a significant impact in Asia’s energy sector. We are excited about forging long-lasting partnerships that will contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future. Together, with our state-of-the-art software, Wellman Next Gen, we can drive innovation, enhance transparency, and promote sustainable development throughout Asia.

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