Monitoring Well Drilling

Controlling every aspect of your oil well drilling process

Maintaining control is crucial during the drilling phase of your well project. Without detailed information, your operations are essentially flying blind. This puts you at risk of missing your projected completion date and potentially exceeding your budget.

Fortunately, the Wellman NextGen oil well drilling software platform gives you everything you need to manage drilling and every other critical phase of the asset’s lifecycle. Fully customizable and user-friendly, it comes as no surprise that Wellman NextGen is the No. 1 data management application for the energy sector.

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This application collects comprehensive data and presents a drilling analysis during every step of your process. This gives you enough information to make the most informed decisions to ensure you keep everything on-time and on-budget. For instance, you can gain full insights into weather conditions, authorization for expenditure, costs vs. field costs, drill bit performance, multi-well activity, personnel, safety procedures and more.

Cost Tracking and Control

  • Manage, monitor and control your in-field costs throughout the drilling portion of the project, as well as everything that comes before and after
  • Automated data imports give you continuity that enables better decision-making
  • Streamline your internal procedures
  • Improve tracking and accountability when it comes to equipment


  • Get daily summaries that tell you exactly what is being spent every day
  • Visualize all the information with powerful data-driven schematics
  • Optional integration into the AFE software system lets you compare your original budget, the field estimate and actual costs
  • Every related document is archived in one place for full visibility

Integration and Support

  • Easy to learn, with most users taking full advantage of its feature in less than an hour
  • Full 24/7 support includes server monitoring, call tracking and logging through our “Software as a Service” gateway


  • Web-based and cloud-enabled
  • Automate data sharing among operators, partners and service companies
  • Improve accuracy of critical data
  • Optimize operational expenditures
  • Identify relevant information with data analytics and mining
  • Security, data integrity and audibility (SOX/C – SOX compliant)