Resource Energy Solutions (RES) helps oil and gas operators, regulators and service companies achieve operational excellence across the entire well life cycle with proven productivity software solutions.

Wellman NextGen provides comprehensive well project, cost, activity and data management. While TORC (Total Operations, Risk & Control), provides end-to-end solutions for well operations, addressing such important concerns as well asset management, well integrity, liability, environmental issues, risk management and regulatory compliance.

The software can handle planning functions, wellsite reporting, databases, built-in guidance for regulatory compliance and best practices. The result is significantly enhanced productivity of a producer’s limited resources.


RES is priced competitively, with a simple subscription and cloud-based pricing structure and payment plan options that include unlimited user licences. This can result in a return on investment within six months.


Our R&D team continues to upgrade and advance our technology solutions to serve the needs of our clients. As the industry recovers, we’ll provide operators with an accurate picture of their well holdings, and help to target and prioritize new investment.

Here’s what others say:

“Tourmaline chose Wellman NextGen due to the simple user interface/ease of use, single database of all wells and activities, structured and standardize database, reasonable cost, and ease to access the data to build BI and analytics reports.”

Rod Scarazzati – Lead Information Systems at Tourmaline

“TORC has been a great tool for programming our downhole abandonment programs.  The steps flow nicely together and is easy to develop processes around.  The company developers have been wonderful to work with and have a very quick turnaround when asked for modifications to the program.”

Vicky Bayford, Operations Technician at NuVista Energy

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