High-tech CEO Commemorates Slave Lake’s Regrowth With Tree Donation

Calgary, Alberta: In remembrance of the fires that devastated Slave Lake last May, Calgary-based entrepreneur, Trent Marx, is donating over a hundred trees to the town as a good will tribute to its rebuilding efforts. Marx is the CEO of international IT firm, Resource Energy Solutions (RES) and has strong family ties to the region.

“I once watched my house burn down in front of me, so I can really identify with the people of Slave Lake and their terrible loss,” he says. “For the first anniversary of the 2011 wildfire I’m offering the town some of my trees as a symbol of rebirth, growth and faith in the future.”

The RES office team will exchange their cubicles and computers for a tree spade and bobcat on May 15 to transplant spruce and larch trees from Marx’s tree farm at Bearberry, west of Sundre. Marx himself will drive and deliver the trees to Slave Lake on a flatbed trailer.

“I will present the trees to the Mayor of Slave Lake, the Honourable Karina Pillay-Kinnee, on Wednesday, May 16 at 11:30 am at a location in the Town to be determined.” “I believe it’s necessary for an office executive to get down and dirty every now and again to remain aware of what life is like in the real world,” he says. “It’s one of the reasons I started planting trees eight years ago.” “It’s also important for me to remain connected to my family roots. I still head back at harvest time each year to help out with the heavy labour on my parents’ grain farm in High Prairie, northern Alberta.”

“I often pass through Slave Lake and watch its recovery with great interest.”

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