See your well completion phase from every angle

Well completion activities are critical to the long-term success of the asset.  Being able to adhere to your schedule and budget is extremely important and having the right data and subsequent analytics can help you get there.

Wellman NextGen provides you with a user-friendly, sophisticated solution that helps manage every phase of your energy projects.

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With the most comprehensive information about every aspect of your well drilling and completion, Wellman NextGen enables you to make informed decisions and communicate effectively with everyone involved. You will receive the fullest picture of your well completion process at every step along the way. This includes downhole schematics created from well data, authorization for expenditure, costs versus field costs, estimated days versus actual days, and more.

Cost Tracking and Control

  • Manage, monitor and control your in-field costs during the completion phase as well as every other portion of the work before and after.
  • Automated data importing enables better and faster decision-making
  • Streamline internal processes
  • Improve tracking and accountability for materials and equipment


  • Daily summaries tell you exactly what is being spent every day
  • Visualize all the information with powerful data-driven schematics
  • Optional integration into AFE Manager or other software systems lets you compare budget to field estimate and actual costs
  • Every related document is archived in one place for full visibility

Integration and Support

  • Easy to learn, with most users taking full advantage of its features in less than an hour
  • Full 24/7 support includes server monitoring, call tracking and logging through our Software as a Service “SaaS” gateway


  • Having complete, correct and current information at your fingertips and to others in your organization.
  • Preventing the loss of data and being able to analyze historic data / changes over time.
  • Key operational metrics are becoming increasingly important with ESG and GHG reporting.
  • Reducing your costs, and minimize risks and incidents.
  • Automate data integration between operators, partners and service companies
  • Improve accuracy of critical data
  • Optimize operational expenditures
  • Identify relevant information with data analytics and mining
  • Security, data integrity and audibility (SOX/C – SOX compliant)