Automated Well Abandonment in 3 Easy Steps

Automated Well Abandonment in 3 Easy Steps

With the recent announcement of the Alberta Site Rehabilitation Incentive Program, funded as part of the federal government’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan for oil field services contractors, there is a new focus on defining end of life work.

Resource Energy Solutions, offers an automated well abandonment programming solution called Total Operations, Risk & Control (TORC) that generates a draft program outline and it creates relevant tasks and workflow processes. TORC increases efficiency with built in regulatory guidance, best practices and by identifying deadlines, by producing schedules and structuring information for data driven decisions. TORC helps optimize project planning and execution.

The Problem

Lack of digital data and systems has made it time consuming and tedious to generate downhole work programs for Abandonment.  Staying on top of well files and maintaining consistent process throughout the organization have become increasingly difficult with low commodity prices and reduced staff.  Knowledge and information can fall through the cracks leading to increased non-productive time in the office.

The Solution

Take advantage of TORC’s digital data management system to:


Capture public well data with an automated process


Standardize data collection and reporting


Reduce knowledge loss risks and re-training delays by using automated processes


Optimize project management


Ensure regulatory compliance and improve Environmental and Social Governance performance


Automatically generate framework Abandonment downhole work programs.

Automated Well Abandonment in Three Easy Steps:

Data collected in the abandonment tasks is integrated and structured such that a framework program is automatically generated based on built-in rules. The user can edit the program, however, TORC will generate a warning or alert validation message if a change is against a recognized industry best practice. The user can generate a pdf copy of the Abandonment program once they consider it completed.

Step 1 – Collect well information

  • All publicly available historical data is pre-loaded into TORC environment reducing manual data entry

Step 2 – Decide on abandonment procedures

  • Abandonment procedures are automatically suggested based on well information. The user will confirm which option they would like to use.

Step 3 – Automatically generate downhole work program

  • Click to generate a program and it is done!

For more information contact or 403-245-0220.

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