5 reasons Wellman NextGen is the best well data management solution

Wellman NextGen is the best well data management solution

As the oil and gas industry continues to face some of the biggest challenges in its history, the adoption of rapidly advancing digital technologies should be top priority for companies looking to increase efficiencies and competitiveness.

Resource Energy Solutions (RES) helps oil and gas operators, regulators, and service companies achieve operational excellence across the entire well life cycle with proven productivity software solutions.

Wellman NextGen provides comprehensive drilling and well life cycle project, cost, activity, and data management. Here are 5 reasons why Wellman NextGen is the best well data management solution available.

1. User friendly.

This is the #1 feedback we get from our clients – it’s easy to navigate. Wellman NextGen was built to be straightforward and intuitive for all users – eliminating headaches, not adding to them!

2. Automatic reporting.

Wellman NextGen generates automated daily summaries, end of project reports, and powerful analytics that help visualize well operations.

3. Covers the entire well life cycle.

From construction to reclamation, Wellman NextGen manages all your operations with one solution.

4. Highly customizable.

We are here to help your business grow! After meeting with our clients to understand specific needs and goals, we can customize Wellman NextGen to deliver tailored solutions.

5. Frequent data and software updates.

We provide monthly updates, where other systems fall short with infrequent annual updates. Our R&D team continues to upgrade and advance our technology solutions to serve the needs of our clients.

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